“One way to define wisdom is the ability to see, into the future, the consequences of your choices in the present. That ability can give you a completely different perspective on what the future might look like.” ― Andy Andrews, The Noticer: Sometimes, All a Person Needs Is a Little Perspective.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

God's Goodness

Never doubt God’s goodness! He is good because his very character and essence is good. His desire is to give us good gifts; gifts that are best for us. We must not hinder his goodness toward us because we have chosen to live in sin nor should we stifle his goodness because we cannot see it or understand it. It is enough to know he is good. Embrace God’s goodness with faith.

Our circumstances are not an accurate reflection of God's goodness. Whether life is good or bad, God's goodness, rooted in His character, is the same. --Helen Grace Lescheid

…the goodness of God endureth continually. -Psalms 52:1

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