Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Grass Outlives the Mower

Today's Wisdom Tidbit comes from a sermon delievered by Charles Spurgeon and is worthy of your consideration. 

“Dust we are and that dust hastens to dissolve, and so to return to the kindred dust of the earth. Under our feet are our graves and above us are the stars, which will soon look down upon our silent tombs. The trees cast their leaves, but they grow green again. We shed our life’s glories once, and they return no more! Thus, the trees outlive us and beneath their shade, we are reminded that man is far more frail than the tree which he fells with the axe. Yes, the very grass that he mows outlives the mower! Man is a mere shadow—we have scarcely time to say that we are before we are not! Are we not foolish if we place our reliance upon such a feeble creature, so weak that his breath, his unsubstantial breath, is essential to his life?
Who are you, O man, that trusts in man? If you have half a grain of wisdom left, how can you quit the ever-living God and put your reliance upon a poor creature who is as the grass, who today is and tomorrow is cast into the oven? Go, rest on a reed, or ride on a moth, or build on a bubble; but rely not on a man!” ~Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892). Spurgeon Gems (Kindle Locations 537-541). Chapel Library. Kindle Edition. 

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