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Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Would It Be Like?

Someone has said, “It is time for people to stop going to church and start being the church!” What would the world be like if the church had fewer programs and more caring and loving people, less potlucks and more loving-heartfelt evangelism? Perhaps we need to stop convincing ourselves we are Christian and just start being Christ-like – every day and not just on Sunday.

Before jumping on the “bandwagon” and crying “that is just what we need.” Remember change starts with one – Revival begins with one! Ask yourself if you are willing to be the one?

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  1. This was one of the most powerful videos I'd ever seen. We played it in church on a Sunday when we began a series on discipleship. Awesome!

  2. Great question. I would hope I would want to be revived first to help my congregation. But, fellowship is a big part of the active church life. We need to remember that our fellowship times often make us stronger and more dedicated.

  3. But you cant build up a successful mega church kingdom, or attract celebrity pastors and Christian authors, or worship leaders that make it in the CCM biz with this kind of philosophy.