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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shut Up! Daddy's Watching Football!

The crime of kidnapping is based on this premise: The family loves the victim more than their money. Without that basis, kidnapping would be futile. Yet, every day we claim and express in words our love for others but often put our substance and/or our desires before the one we claim to love.

Take for example a young boy our family tried to help. His father often expressed his love to his son in words but in practice he put a series of things before his son in the following order: Daddy’s Corvette, Daddy’s Boat, Daddy’s Job and Daddy’s New Wife (The new wife was well aware of the order).

While most of you reading this wisdom tidbit would not fit into the above extreme, many would in a less obvious manner. Work followed by rest comes before time with the kids. The new sofa in the “living room” is strictly off limit – thus making “the living room” an oxymoron. Watching football is more important than playing football. Hopefully, you are getting the idea.

What is today’s wisdom tidbit? The order by which you rank your loves speaks louder than words.

Comments welcome! Both Yea and Nay!

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